Originally from childhood: how the past affects the present

We cannot just ignore the bad thing that happened to us once. It will not go anywhere and will not cease to be bad. And will influence us. But we can do something else: in our power to change the present. How psychotherapy helps in real relationships? I am often asked this question. Sometimes it … Read more

Children of toxic parents: accept the past and live in the present

Anyone who has grown in an atmosphere of hidden or obvious violence, sooner or later reviews his attitude to the past. How to stop blaming yourself for decisions, dictated by difficult children’s experience, and take responsibility for the present and future? Adult children of toxic parents often regret what they did or, conversely, did not … Read more

7 habits that interfere with our happiness

“I want to become happier” – a global request with which many come to therapy. But what is happiness for you personally? And what habits prevent this state? So what do we need for happiness? If you dig deeper, behind our answers in the spirit of “earn so much to get enough” and “getting married” … Read more